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Previous Art Exhibitions (05:53)


Martin Creed wants to make things and feels unsure; he sings a song. Pieces include "Work No. 200 half the air in a given space," "Work No. 54," and "Work No. 102 a protrusion from a wall."

Creed's Inspirations (02:55)

Pieces highlighted include "Work No. 158," "Work No. 143," "Work No. 88 a sheet of A4 paper crumpled into a ball," and "Work No. 79 some Blu-Tack kneaded, rolled into a ball, and depressed against a wall." Creed feels anxious about adding things to the world.

Art Starts from Nothing (03:33)

Creed compares creating a work of art to a mathematic equation. "Work No. 232 THE WHOLE WORLD + THE WORK= THE WHOLE WORLD" was installed on the frieze at the Tate Gallery. The inspiration for "Work No. 203 EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT" is derived from the building's history.

Art After Failure (03:30)

Limitations make things possible. Works highlighted include "Work No. 289 39 metronomes beating time, one at each speed," "Work No. 200 half the air in a given space," and "Work No. 128." Balloons are a method to make air visible.

Intelligence Exhibition (05:08)

Creed meets with curators at the Tate Gallery to discuss where his "Work No. 79 some Blu-Tack kneaded, rolled into a ball, and depressed against a wall" should be installed. Creed and his band perform "I Can't Move."

"Work No. 138" (04:03)

Creed discusses why he numbers his work. Titles pin down a work; words are a different medium. He has no "Work No 1"; he compares his art to a musical composition.

Credits: Martin Creed (00:33)

Credits: Martin Creed

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Martin Creed is one of Britain’s most engaging contemporary artists. His self-effacing work reflects an anxiety to communicate in a world already full of too many things. So he frequently tries to produce both something and nothing, and does so in idiosyncratic ways with the modest means from everyday life. In 2000 his MARTINCREEDWORKS solo exhibition was organised by Southampton City Art Gallery. The show provided the first opportunity to reflect on a wide range of Creed’s creations, produced over a decade, including sculpture, installations, interventions, statements and also musical compositions performed with his band owada. Much of this work is illustrated here. Martin Creed discusses his uncertainties about making new works and his reluctance to name what he does as ‘art’. He also illustrated how simple, ordinary objects, seen in new ways, can suggest often complex and contradictory meanings. Such objects, and the ideas and questions that they provoke, surprise and delight audiences whose individual experiences of the works will often be strikingly different.

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