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Debate "Housekeeping" (04:14)


Moderator John Donvan frames the debate on the United States and shifting politics in the Middle East. Panelists include Foundation for Defense of Democracies Senior Fellow Reuel Marc Gerecht, Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Michael Doran, Prof. Bernard Haykel, Special Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk, and Future of Iran Initiative Director Barbara Slavin.

Resolution: Is President Trump Right on Saudi Arabia? (10:23)

Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey are the only countries in the Middle East that can project power beyond their borders. Panelists explain why they agree or disagree with the resolution; Donvan summarizes the positions.

Saudi Ally (13:41)

Slavin believes the U.S. needs more balance in Middle East relations. Doran states that the U.S. has to consider those that can promote U.S. interests. Panelists discuss Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud, changing Saudi Arabia, U.S. involvement, and the Yemen War.

Resolution: Is the World Safer Without the JCPOA? (09:24)

The Trump Administration rescinded the Iran Nuclear Deal negotiated by the Obama Administration and Iran is crossing boundaries. Panelists explain why they agree or disagree with the resolution.

Iranian Behavior (13:56)

Gerecht states that Iran's behavior was atrocious before the Trump Administration withdrew from the JCPOA. Panelists discuss IAEA response, the danger of Iran, and continued nuclear development.

Resolution: Is Turkey an Asset to NATO? (10:20)

Turkey has been a member of NATO for many decades; it vacillates between autocracy and democracy. Panelists explain why they agree or disagree with the resolution.

Turkish Behavior (13:21)

Turkey's government restricted American activities in the war against ISIS. Panelists discuss Turkey's cooperation, the Turkish-Kurdish relationship, the YPG, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Turkey's motivation.

Time to Vote (02:38)

Donvan compliments panelists on their conduct and instructs the audience to vote. Panelists site persuasive arguments by opposing sides.

Audience Vote Results (01:33)

Is Trump right on Saudi Arabia—Pre-Debate: Yes: 15% No: 85% and Post-Debate Yes: 16% No: 84% Is the world safer without JCPOA—Pre-Debate: Yes: 17% No: 83% and Post-Debate Yes: 22% No: 78% Is Turkey an asset to NATO—Pre-Debate: Yes: 71% No: 29% and Post-Debate Yes: 60% No: 40%

Credits: Unresolved: Shifting Power in the Middle East: A Debate (00:09)

Credits: Unresolved: Shifting Power in the Middle East: A Debate

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Unresolved: Shifting Power in the Middle East: A Debate

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The Middle East remains a powder keg. Saudi Arabia and Iran are vying for regional dominance. Turkey is cozying up to Russia and China. And instability, conflict, and proxy wars have engulfed Syria, Yemen, and other countries. How should the United States respond to the shifting politics and volatile situation in the Middle East? In this debate, five foreign policy experts examine three pressing questions: 1) Is President Trump's policy on Saudi Arabia right? 2) Is the world safer without the Iran Nuclear Deal? 3) Is Turkey an asset to NATO?

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