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Goal Identification (05:46)


The first step to goal setting is to identify and write down the goal. Young people who have identified their goals and have written them down share their goals and how they maintain them.

List Your Obstacles (03:13)

Young people who have identified their goals share what obstacles they have to overcome.

Identify Individuals or Groups (02:34)

Everyone with goals benefits from the support of individuals and groups. These include parents, teachers, experts, other people in a chosen field, and more.

Identify Skills You Will Need (02:56)

Young people identify the skills they will need to achieve their goals.

Make a Plan of Action (04:41)

Identify the steps it will take to go from where you are now and where you want to go. It's important to write down dates for each step of a goal to track progress toward its achievement.

Credits: "Goal Setting: Discovering Your Gifts" (01:11)

Credits: "Goal Setting: Discovering Your Gifts"

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Goal Setting: Discovering Your Gifts

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In this program, students use a powerful strategy for working toward fulfillment of their life goals: they write the goals down, list potential obstacles, identify people and groups to work with, pinpoint the skills they’ll need, and then make a plan of action. Carving out time for both practice and rest, working through technical difficulties, and polishing up their people skills, the teens learn to overcome the barriers that most often trip people up on their path to success. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online. (20 minutes)

Length: 21 minutes

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