Segments in this Video

Equipment for Sale (10:13)


An elderly couple anticipates fixing a fence that has been damaged by fallen trees. Dale's Auction Service oversees the sale of tires, saws, and other farm equipment. Dale Menzak has recently sold a herd of cattle for $2 a head.

Estate Sale (09:41)

Menzak and Serge Lutzak prepare for an upcoming auction. They debate whether to include a vintage grain truck; items are loaded into a large hangar.

Local Diner (06:25)

Menzak meets a friend for lunch; an auction notice is on the wall. Lutzak tries to get a tractor to start before walking through a wheat field with his daughter; he helps a woman with a Wi-Fi issue.

Farm Auction (06:04)

Potential buyers arrive. Menzak calls accepts bids as buyers compete for items. A woman at the back of the room acts as bid caller. Farm equipment is prepared for sale.

Vegreville Country Fair (05:21)

Locals head to the fair that features a Scottish marching band. Menzak rides in a horse-drawn cart that advertises his business. He talks of being busy during a phone call.

Auction Organization (05:31)

Menzak rides his motorcycle to Lutzak's farm to discuss the estate sale. Vehicles, freezers, pressure washers, and other items are organized in the yard.

Estate Sold (12:56)

Menzak feeds his Shetland ponies before working a shift at the funeral home. Later, he returns to the auction booth for the Lutzak estate sale. Lutzak explains a mechanical problem with one of his machines.

Credits: The Auctioneer (01:13)

Credits: The Auctioneer

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The Auctioneer

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Dale Menzak is an auctioneer specializing in the sale of family farms. A man of few words when not auctioneering, he also works part-time as an undertaker. From his portable auctioneer’s booth, Dale helps to liquidate antiquated farm equipment, after which he dons a sombre necktie and returns to his job at the funeral home. Set against a backdrop of gorgeous prairie vistas, The Auctioneer observes Dale from a respectful distance as he facilitates the difficult process of letting go. Along the way, the film takes a number of detours, turning its meditative gaze on Dale’s regular lunchtime respites at a Chinese restaurant, chores on his farm, and participation in the town parade, before climaxing with the bustle of a farm dismantled at auction. All unfolds at a measured pace before an unobtrusive camera rooted to the dry prairie earth.

Length: 58 minutes

Item#: FMK190491

Copyright date: ©2012

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