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Out at Sea (06:21)


Filmmaker Sophie Dupuis follows the crew of the frigate HMCS Ottawa on a mission in the Pacific Ocean. One crew member jogs around the deck; other sailors are forced to lean to one side as they walk down a narrow corridor. An incoming helicopter lands on deck.

Target Practice and Down Time (07:02)

Red tracers streak across the ocean as crew members fire assault rifles at an object floating in the waves. The crew sits down for a meal. Seamen toss a football in a large hangar.

Credits: Quiet Forces (00:35)

Credits: Quiet Forces

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Quiet Forces

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Filmmaker Sophie Dupuis documents the daily lives of sailors aboard the frigate HMCS Ottawa on a mission in the Pacific Ocean, somewhere in the waters between the coasts of British Columbia and California. Composed of a series of contrasting scenes, this non-narrative short film immerses us in a maelstrom of sound and images, revealing the unique facets of a widely unknown world.

Length: 16 minutes

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