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Gender (01:06)


Benton, Dexter, and Madeleine, who range in age from 6 to 12, will discuss what they know about gender. Benton says he is “genderized” as a boy because he looks like one. Dexter thinks he might be a girl but is not sure why.

Puberty (01:03)

Benton hates that his voice is changing, and he is experiencing mood swings. Madeleine sometimes wants to punch people. Dexter does not see much of a difference in his pubescent brother and sister.

Parents (00:35)

Benton feels kids are far less rigid than parents. He explains where his ideas come from; he believes six-year-old Dexter knows enough to form his own opinions.

Gender...4 Years Later (03:04)

Madeleine has had to explain to friends that there are more than two genders. The kids discuss potential issues arising from transgender bathroom usage. They think there should be gender-neutral bathrooms.

Puberty...4 years Later (01:06)

Benton says puberty is a myth and that dating is more than just holding hands. He strokes his "neck side beard" and talks about shaving.

A Few Hours Later (03:40)

The kids interview filmmaker Chase, 34, and their dad, Nathaniel, 43. The men answer questions about pop culture and discuss gay marriage, LGBT job discrimination, and male privilege. Chase discusses transitioning from female to male.

Feminism (01:13)

Benton says people dismiss his opinions about feminism because he is a boy. Madeleine explains the typical direction of her conversations about gender equality.

Parenting (00:43)

Nathaniel says that parenting is a difficult and important job. Benton tries to get Madeleine to stop chewing near the camera, which leads to a giggle fit.

Credits: Genderize (00:43)

Credits: Genderize

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What do kids know about gender? Probably more than you think. Three young siblings talk identity, school, parents, and puberty.

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