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Self-Proclaimed Musical Genius (01:55)


Host Sean O'Neill travels to Paris to interview musician and composer Chilly Gonzales, who has collaborated with the likes of Drake, Daft Punk, and Feist. He is about to launch his first inaugural “Gonzervatory,” which will train and showcase carefully selected musicians from around the world.

Stage Persona (03:00)

O'Neill interviews Gonzales at Studio Furber, where the pianist has recorded since 2001. Gonzales explains how his breakthrough album, "Solo Piano I," took shape.

Power of Harmony (04:10)

Gonzales believes collaborators seek him out for his harmonic knowledge. He deconstructs Bryan Adams' "Summer of '69" to illustrate his point. The pianist describes himself as a throwback to vaudeville, and he contemplates the stress his Gonzervatory participants are under.

Mastering Performance (02:44)

Gonzales meets with Gonzervatory performers and stresses the importance of technical performance. Aitua hopes to feel more confident in her abilities after the recital. The event is a way for Gonzales to stay in touch with music.

Midway Point (03:26)

The atmosphere is tense and focused halfway through the Gonzervatory. Gonzales discusses his attitude toward teaching and the importance of performance in the "post-recording" world. Vocalist Fat Tony praises the way his mentor has developed his course.

Famous Guest (02:45)

Gonzales collaborator Peaches teaches the guest master classes. The Canadian pop star, who is known for her daring and eccentric live shows, discusses her approach to performance and teaching. She marvels at Aitua's progression as a performer.

Recital Performance (03:33)

Gonzales's students perform at La Trianon. The pianist explains his approach to performing and getting lost in the moment. Facing pressure and being vulnerable are integral to his creative process. He ponders the future of the Gonzervatory.

Credits: In the Making: Part 5 (00:34)

Credits: In the Making: Part 5

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Chilly Gonzales has released more than 15 albums and given hundreds of live concerts. He holds the Guiness World Record for the longest solo live performance (27 hours, 3 minutes and 44 seconds). He has a Grammy for album of the year for his work with Daft Punk, and he’s collaborated with Drake and Feist. Now, as he approaches 50, the question is what’s left for the self-proclaimed musical genius to conquer? Host Sean O’Neill meets Gonzo in Paris as he launches his own ambitious music school, the Gonzervatory, putting seven international students through a crash course in performance with a star-studded faculty that includes Jarvis Cocker and Peaches, leading up to a sold-out concert at the legendary Trianon theatre.

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