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A Price to Pay (09:01)


Canadian troops were a mostly peace keeper role with coalition troops in Afghanistan until 2006. More than 2,300 soldiers were sent into Taliban-controlled territory in Kandahar, including Captain Nicola Goddard. She became the 17th of 158 Canadian killed in Afghanistan and the first women killed in combat.

Under Suspicion (11:31)

Maher Arar, a Syrian-born Canadian engineer, was one of thousands of innocent Muslims targeted by Canadian and American policies after 9/11. In 2013, Quebec attempted to ban public employees from wearing "conspicuous religious symbols," which unfairly targeted Muslim women.

Pride of Place (09:26)

Sylvia McAdams started Idle No More, a peaceful protest movement calling for the protection of Indigenous Canadian lands. She started a Facebook group with three other women, which developed into a national organizing tool for protests on a variety of First Nation issues throughout the country.

Accidental Activists (05:50)

During the G20 Summit in Toronto in 2010, security forces and police turned on the crowd of protesters and conducted the largest mass arrest in Canadian history. An investigation found police violated Canadian law and individual rights.

Distant Warning (06:50)

Climate change is threatening the livelihood of people in Canadian Arctic areas like Nunavut. Permafrost is melting throughout the region and in the Northwest Passage. Researchers are studying the area to see how global warming will affect the rest of the planet.

Credits: Canada: A People's History - 2001-2015 (00:31)

Credits: Canada: A People's History - 2001-2015

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Canada: A People’s History, 2001-2015, New Times New Ways, Part 2 starts as 9/11 shakes the world. Canada fights terrorism in Afghanistan and pays a heavy price. The Muslim community is under suspicion and makes innocent victims. Indigenous women are Idle No More. Canadian athletes own the podium at the Olympics in Vancouver. Security goes rogue when the G20 meet in Toronto. The Earth’s climate is in jeopardy and a Canadian astronaut sees its frailty.

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