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Cancer Registrar: Main Duties and Responsibilities (00:23)


Shawn Farley is the Director of Cancer Epidemiology for the Department of Health and Human Resources. His duties include ensuring cancer cases enter the registry accurately and on time.

Cancer Registrar: Career Beginnings (00:58)

Farley was a database manager and worked at the Bureau of Public Health. The cancer registry data includes treatment, diagnosis, and lifestyle.

Cancer Registrar: Keys for Success (00:33)

Understand anatomy and parts of the body. Attention to detail is critical; a cancer registrar stages cancer for research purposes.

Cancer Registrar: Education and Certification Requirements (00:59)

Minimum requirements are an associate's degree and certification. The National Cancer Registrar Association requires 20 units of continuing education every two years. Cancer registrars need data management skills.

Cancer Registrar: Workplace Atmosphere (00:48)

Ergonomic workstations are provided in a government office setting. Cancer registrars employed by hospitals tend to work from home; travel is minimal. Attending an annual convention is recommended.

Cancer Registrar: Advice for Aspiring Pros (01:13)

Learn as much about anatomy and data management as possible.

Cancer Registrar: A Day on the Job (01:19)

Most registrars employed by hospitals work from home. There is little interaction with other people. Cancer tumor boards discuss actual cases.

Cancer Registrar: Industry Goals and Services (00:24)

Gather as much information as possible about individuals afflicted with cancer to aid early detection and better treatment modalities.

Cancer Registrar: Industry Challenges (01:06)

Early detection methods have improved. Challenges include constantly changing databases and keeping abreast of treatment modalities.

Cancer Registrar: Looking at the Future (00:43)

Farley hopes there will be improved treatment modalities and earlier cancer detection. A standardization model for databases across the country would be helpful to compare patients.

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