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Gammarth, Tunisia (03:20)


Individuals can be arrested and sent to prison for kissing. At the Marsa police station, officers prepare for deployment to secure areas of concern.

Indecent Behavior (04:59)

After police claimed a couple had sexual relations in their car, the couple is sentenced to four and a half years in jail. Virginity is considered sacred; surgeons reconstruct hymens. In Morocco, unwed mothers live in homes ostracized by their families.

Planning a Wedding (03:50)

Fares and Noor will leave their family's home to live in an apartment after marrying. Women purchase the sheets and duvets for the night of the wedding. Cohabitation is illegal and punishable by law.

Noor's Family (02:16)

Her mother carries out an investigation of Fares, questioning his friends and relatives. Noor needs to preserve herself for her wedding night. A woman's reputation is very important.

Sidi Bouzid (02:21)

Fares and his friends meet, discuss soccer, and smoke shisha at a traditional cafe. Women should work, be beautiful, and a virgin. Fifty percent of women and 80% of men in Tunisia have had sexual relations outside of marriage.

Hymen Repairs (04:59)

Dr. Haji performs a hymenoplasty at a private clinic. Families check the sheets after the wedding night.

Other Rituals (04:10)

Fares is unable to see his fiancé for the week before the wedding. His parents advise the groom to not hit his bride. Noor prepares for the wedding, spending ten hours in the salon.

Marriage Ceremony (02:22)

Notaries officiate the wedding ceremony. The mother-in-law gives the bride jewelry. The age of those marrying is increasing due to economic restraints.

Marital Issues (04:21)

Olfah describes how intimidating the wedding night can be for the bride and groom. The sexologist treats a patient for vaginosis. Everything is forbidden and inhibited in Tunisia leading to anxiety and fear.

Changing a Patriarchal Society (07:38)

In Monastir, Samar is a dental intern who has had several sexual relations and is frequently harassed because she does not want children. In Sousse, a local club provides freedom for the Tunisian youth away from monitors in a private space. Men heckle and honk at women walking alone in the street.

Unwed Mothers: Stories (07:48)

Women risk a year in prison in Morocco if they get pregnant; abortion is illegal. 24 babies are abandoned daily. A man refuses to have a DNA test because he claims that he is not the father.

Unwed Mothers: Education (05:44)

Women spend six months in the home and receive occupational training and sex education. In Morocco contraception is taboo and parents believe they will pervert their children talking about sexuality. A mother visits her daughter who was a rape victim.

Homosexuality (07:55)

Relationships are punishable by three years in prison. The LGBTQ community gathers to celebrate the launch of the first gay radio station in Tunisia. The team receives over 4,000 death threats.

Credits: Love and Sex in North Africa (00:14)

Credits: Love and Sex in North Africa

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This documentary explores the taboos in the North African, Maghreb society regarding love, sex, and the oppression of women. Interviews with ostracized single mothers, couples imprisoned for showing affection in public, and even a doctor who specializes in hymen reconstruction surgery paint a vivid picture of the reality of policing sexuality in North Africa.

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