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Why Study the Tundra? (02:36)


Tundra ecosystems hold half of the world's soil carbon. Global warming is thawing the permafrost, allowing decomposition and releasing greenhouse gases. Arctic areas are heating faster than anywhere else and cycle changes are predicted to alter Earth's climate.

The Tundra Ecosystem - Where and Why? (04:43)

Researchers measure flora; freezing temperatures, snow storms, winds, and light deficiencies prevent tree growth. Tundra is found in high latitudes and altitudes. The Canadian Yukon provides scientists access to lowland tundra and Alpine environments.

The Carbon Cycle (05:45)

The Herschel Island cliffs offer a tundra cross section, revealing meters of carbon fixing permafrost. Biomass decomposition is a primary input and rates control cycles. Approximately 80% of the 1,600 gigatons stored in the biome is within the soil.

The Tundra Time Bomb (10:20)

Herschel Island's coastline is eroding. Thaw slumps release sediments, creating mudslides and carrying carbon to ocean. Northern latitudes experience more drastic changes as global temperatures rise. The Arctic amplification positive feedback loop accelerates global warming.

Credits: Carbon Cycles and Climate Change in the Tundra (00:19)

Credits: Carbon Cycles and Climate Change in the Tundra

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Carbon Cycles and Climate Change in the Tundra

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With stunning footage shot in the Canadian tundra, this DVD identifies and explores the physical and human factors including climate change, that affect the carbon cycles in the Tundra. We see the research and monitoring techniques scientists are using to identify and record these changes and look at the reasons this data is gathered.

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