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Job Search Tips (02:15)


Job searchers must learn to market themselves. Put an appropriate message on telephone, have a professional email address, make a To-Do list every day, and search online for jobs. These are only a few of the tips offered.

Searching Online (01:59)

Many smaller job sites offer valuable local information. Job searchers learn a multitude of tips for online job websites. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Be cautious about scam sites and emails.

Jobs That Find You (02:01)

Learn to navigate in the "hidden" job market. Learn to make a good impression in person and on paper. Be prepared with a quick summary of what you are looking for and a longer version of personal qualifications.

How to Read a Job Ad (02:22)

It is important to understand the language of employment ads, Local newspapers are a valuable resource in the job search. Viewers learn this language from a number of examples.

Online Ads (03:13)

Most online ads spell out the job description in more detail. A sample online job ad and detailed explanation provide what job searchers need to know and what to be cautious about in online job ads.

Job Services (03:45)

Use college placement centers and develop a solid relationship with a counselor who can keep you updated. Learn how to capitalize on job fairs, employments agencies, and on-campus interviewing.

Researching the Company (02:51)

Learn the importance of company research to improve the quality or the job search and job interview. There are a multitude of sources to learn important details about companies that are advertising jobs.

Networking (02:42)

Build a network of contacts in a career search. Develop contacts with family, friends, schoolmates, acquaintances and professionals. Keep records of all on-campus job interviews and contacts.

Managing Your Network (03:30)

Write down a list of all possible contacts. Make a goal of the number of calls to be made each day. Make specific requests. Networking happens in all personal and professional interactions.

Credits: Getting the Job: Job Search and Networking (00:30)

Credits: Getting the Job: Job Search and Networking

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After a job seeker has decided what industries and positions to target, and after he or she has created a stellar resume and work sample presentation, it’s time to start the hunt. This program helps viewers make that leap of faith and fortitude with down-to-earth advice on where to look, who to talk to, and how to avoid common pitfalls. Viewers learn how to sift through online employment resources, including major Web sites like as well as more niche-oriented sites; how to read between the lines when scanning and analyzing job postings; how to capitalize on job fairs, employment agencies, and on-campus interviewing; and how to access the “hidden” market of jobs that aren’t advertised. The latter topic segues smoothly into an intensive look at networking—exploring the difference between formal and informal networking and the best strategies for managing and mining a professional network. A Cambridge Educational Production. Part of the series Get Hired and Go: The Complete Guide to Getting a Job and Doing It Right. (26 minutes)

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