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Discerning the Teachable Point (09:05)


The role of a teacher in an effective student-teacher conferences changes depending on the stage of writing, according to writing instructor Jack Wilde. Silvia Edgerton asks her student, Michelle, questions to help with her decision-making process.

Kindling Excitement (04:01)

Something changes in Michelle’s demeanor. She is clearly excited about the story she wants to explore, and Edgerton feels their conference has served its purpose. The teacher feels it is important to give each student her undivided attention.

Productive Conversations (04:24)

During successful conferences, teachers bring what they know about students to the table, and students can articulate where they are in their process. Teacher Mark Hansen discusses training kids to know when they need help. Cristina Tijerina sometimes has students act out parts of their stories.

Writing Role Model (08:47)

Teacher Latosha Rowley finds it helpful to share her own writing during student-teacher conferences. Kids are more likely to try a technique if their teacher has modeled it for them.

Credits: Teacher Conferences (02:02)

Credits: Teacher Conferences

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Teacher Conferences

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This program features extensive footage of three effective student/teacher conferences in one fifth-grade and two third-grade classes. These conferences demonstrate how teachers use conferences to focus on instruction for individuals while helping students feel ownership of their work.

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