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Mini Lessons and Snapshots (11:20)


Isoke Titilayo Nia of All Write Literacy Consultants stresses the importance of including whole-class teaching, focus lessons, and one-on-one conferences in writing curriculum. Silvia Edgerton has her fifth-grade students begin with a big picture before homing in on specific details.

Talking Through Ideas (07:58)

Mark Hardy of Partnership Elementary helps his students get started on picture books, cookbooks, and other writing ideas. He wants to give his students the chance to hear each other’s ideas and to use class discussion as a springboard for their writing.

Stages of Writing (06:52)

Hardy’s students pair up to give each other feedback. The teacher wants to make sure his kids have strategies for proceeding with what they are writing. He gives them advice based on whether they are beginning, continuing or finishing their projects.

Credits: Teaching a Specific Writing Strategy (01:47)

Credits: Teaching a Specific Writing Strategy

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Teaching a Specific Writing Strategy

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Silvia Edgerton and Mark Hardy teach their elementary school students how to develop strategies for writing and how to make their writing more vivid by homing in on detail, shown in a lessons unfolding over several days.

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