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Introduction: Teaching the Writing Craft (02:31)


Writing teacher Jack Wilde stresses the importance of whole-class instruction to the success of a writing workshop. This episode of “Inside Writing Communities” visits three classrooms to examine how teachers integrate this concept into their lesson plans.

Analyzing Text (07:41)

Mark Hansen teaches his third graders in Portland, Oregon about persuasive writing. He starts his lesson by having his students analyze a persuasive letter on the problem of loose dogs that was written by one of their peers.

Deconstructing Poems (08:25)

Latosha Rowley of Cold Spring Elementary leads her third graders in discussing the elements of poetry. She leads a discussion on the difference between seeing poems and feeling poems. She asks students to categorize the Langston Hughes poem, “Mother to Son.”

Critiquing Leads (08:04)

Lindsay Dibert’s class in Danville, New Hampshire is working on personal narratives. The teacher plans a series of activities around writing effective introductions, including having the kids analyze the opening paragraphs from familiar children’s books.

Credits: Teaching the Writing Craft (01:38)

Credits: Teaching the Writing Craft

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Teaching the Writing Craft

Part of the Series : Inside Writing Communities
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This program examines whole-class instruction in the writing workshop, looking at why teachers choose this type of instruction and how they integrate it with other instructional strategies such as working with individuals and small groups.

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