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Introduction: Reading Like a Writer (02:25)


This episode of “Inside Writing Communities” visits three elementary classrooms where teachers and their students read like writers. It covers teaching strategies that help young authors observe and study techniques publish authors use to communicate.

Studying Leads (11:44)

Lindsay Dibert has created a bridge between reading and writing for herself and her students. Dibert’s fifth-graders have been working on personal narratives, and they use familiar children’s books to model strategies that published writers use to introduce their stories.

Using Touchstone Texts (07:10)

Latosha Rowley’s third-grade class studies books and copies of other published work for a unit on poetry. Rowley encourages her students to experiment with subjects and techniques. She uses poems by Langston Hughes and Nikki Grimes as examples.

Choosing Mentor Texts (05:01)

Arizona teacher Sylvia Edgerton has set up a workshop where her fifth graders are encouraged to think and write independently. She has taught students how to recognize and analyze the strategies authors use in their work.

Credits: Reading Like a Writer (01:56)

Credits: Reading Like a Writer

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Reading Like a Writer

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The relationship between reading and writing in the intermediate classroom is explored. The program demonstrates ways in which reading inspires students and helps them learn the craft of writing, including the use of touchstone and mentor texts.

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