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Laying Out Options (06:49)


At the beginning of the school year, North Carolina teacher Mark Hardy teaches a lesson on what it means to participate in a writer’s workshop. He begins by having kids share their ideas on the types of things writers create.

Getting Started (05:35)

Hardy introduces his students to a popular book on how to write fiction and shares samples of writing kids have turned in on the first day of school. He gives students two questions to answer before they begin writing. He observes and takes notes at the beginning of workshops.

Sharing First Works (04:45)

Hardy brings his students together at the end of workshop to discuss what they wrote that day. Some students say they worked on picture books while others chose short stories and plays. The kids share how writing made them feel.

Trusting the Kids, Building Independence (09:20)

Writing instructor Jack Wilde marvels at what young authors can do when given the chance. It is important for teachers to not only help them improve their technical skill, he says, but also to instill a sense of enthusiasm. Fifth-grade teacher Silvia Edgerton checks on her class’s progress.

Credits: Fostering Choice and Independence (01:34)

Credits: Fostering Choice and Independence

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Fostering Choice and Independence

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Viewers will see strategies and practices that encourage students to write. Teacher Mark Hardy's first days of school provide an example as he sets up the writing workshop by allowing his third graders to choose both the genre and the topic for their first pieces. Silvia Edgerton's fifth-grade class engages in a status-of-the-class activity.

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