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Introduction: Building a Community of Writers (02:02)


This video provides tips on how to build a writing workshop for children, grades 3 to 5. Over the course of 16 episodes, this series visits the classrooms of 10 outstanding teachers who share what they have learned about the process.

Establishing a Community (04:44)

Teacher Isoke Titilayo Nia discusses how talk helps to create an atmosphere of trust and safety in the writing classroom. Teachers should structure workshops to include lots of opportunities for conversation. It is important to allow students to talk about their personal experiences.

Sharing in a Community (04:00)

Teachers Latosha Rowley and Katie Wood Ray discuss the role that sharing personal experiences plays in a successful writing workshop. Many students who are shy about discussing their experiences may write them down, which helps them to open up.

Making the Space (03:16)

Students will not grow as writers unless their teacher commits enough time to the writing workshop. Ideally, every day will include time for instruction, conversations about writing, reading what they wrote, reflection, and time to write.

Importance of Reflection (04:22)

Fifth grade teacher Lindsay Dibert gives her students time to reflect on what worked in their writing and what they might want to use again. She allots time for students to ask each other questions about their work.

Structure, Ritual and Routines (03:56)

Mark Hansen—who teaches third grade in Portland, Oregon—allows students lots of room to talk and move around. However, a carefully planned workshop structure ensures that young writers know what is expected and facilitates writing in a bustling classroom.

Celebrating Student Work (04:09)

It is important to allow students to share what they have written. This can take many forms, from impromptu readings to formal presentations of finished work. Arizona teacher Silvia Edgerton discusses the positive impact this has on children in her class.

Credits: Building a Community of Writers (01:16)

Credits: Building a Community of Writers

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Building a Community of Writers

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How can teachers of grades 3 to 5 create classrooms that nurture and support students' confidence in their ability to write and help them forge their own writing identities? This program explores strategies and practices to help establish successful writing communities within classrooms.

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