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Luther Htoo (03:35)


Luther, a member of the Karen minority group from Burma, is 27 and lives in exile in Sweden. Starting at the age of nine, he and his twin brother Johnny led an army of Karen soldiers against the Burmese military.

Johnny Htoo (02:31)

Johnny opts to stay at a refugee camp in Thailand, but briefly returns to Burma. Harassment by the military forces him out and he moves between villages and refugee camps back in Thailand. Journalists frequently ask him about his time as a Karen soldier.

Brothers Reunite (04:05)

Luther and Johnny see each other at a Thai refugee camp for the first time in six years. Luther realizes his time in Sweden has distanced him from his brother. Luther learns about the conditions of the Karen in Burma from his father in a neighboring village.

Luther's Mission (04:23)

Luther visits the location where he was forced to surrender his soldiers to the Thai authorities in 2001. The 55 men were taken away and Luther wants to know what happened to them. He collects stories from the Karen families living along the Thailand-Burma border.

Karen Memorial Ceremony (04:19)

Luther crosses into Burma to attend a ceremony honoring those who died fighting with the Karen Liberation Army. The Karen Rebellion has been occurring since 1948 and has killed over 50,000 people. Luther maintains a strong desire to protect the Karen people.

Luther's Activism (04:40)

Luther has connected with the Karen community in Sweden. He hopes to maintain the culture and history for younger generations. Though the situation is slowly improving for the Karen in Burma, Luther worries it is not enough to create peace.

Credits: The Karen Twins: Child Soldiers of Myanmar (00:15)

Credits: The Karen Twins: Child Soldiers of Myanmar

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The Karen Twins: Child Soldiers of Myanmar

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When they were children, Johnny and Luther Htoo were invincible. At least, this is what their followers believed. God’s Army was a Karen guerilla group led by the 12-year-old twin brothers. Today, Johnny and Luther are 27. Their past glory is long gone, and their respective lives illustrate the fate of Burmese ethnic minorities, who dare to confront the central government.

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