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Clothing Mogul (03:32)


Amancio Ortega is the founder Zara, a clothing line that provides fashion at low cost, and the world’s richest man. He is notoriously secretive; his photo does not appear in the press for years.

Pivotal Incidents (03:20)

Ortega's parents settle in A Coruña while Spain is under the rule of Francisco Franco. At 13, Ortega vows never to be poor again. He learns the craft of tailoring at the Gala Shop and Maja.

Early Success (05:16)

Ortega partners with Rosalia Mera to make affordable gowns and robes to sell door to door. His business grows quickly and he opens his first factory in 1963. Early employees describe their work experiences.

Rise of Zara (03:33)

Ortega hires Jose Maria Castellano, who convinces him to computerize his business. He opens his first boutique in the heart of A Caruña in 1975. Four decades later, Ortega heads a worldwide empire of more than 2,000 stores.

Poaching Designs (09:05)

Fashion websites have long criticized Zara for creating knockoffs of luxurious brands. Philippe and Marguerite Bartherotte of G.Kero are among the independent designers who believe Zara and other textile giants are stealing their creations.

Fast Fashion (07:05)

Zara prepares for showcases in ghost stores located in Inditex. The company takes an unusual approach to marketing. It focuses on spotting trends and getting them to stores faster.

Zara's Secrecy (03:05)

Zara is known for having a good communication team but not communicating. The company declines numerous interview and film requests; filmmakers browse the Inditex website for insights into its operations.

Billionaire Lifestyle (01:52)

By democratizing fashion, Ortega becomes the richest man in the world. He lives in A Caruña, in a house overlooking the port. Those who know him describe him as a man with simple tastes.

Labor Scandals (04:24)

Zara’s labor practices have been the source of controversy. The head of workers association disputes Inditex claims that 49% of its clothing is made in Spain. Zara has also come under fire for sweat shops, child labor, and unsafe working conditions.

North African Textile Factory (03:11)

Filmmakers visit a factory in Tunisia where wages are lower than in China and Inditex has many subcontractors. Wassim Zaria provides a tour of Sip Confection; his company of 350 employees manufactures clothing for Zara.

Dye Center (04:23)

Tunisia's reputation as a manufacturer comes from its dyeing factories. Zara shirts travel 20 kilometers to Denim Services. Toxic products from the dyeing process enter the local water supply.

Birthday Celebration (02:37)

Ortega's employees throw him a surprise party on his 80th birthday, bringing him to tears. Ortega is the richest man in the world.

Credits: Zara: The Story of the World's Richest Man (00:41)

Credits: Zara: The Story of the World's Richest Man

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This documentary examines one of the biggest and most successful retail stories of our time. It looks at the secrets of success for the global retail chain, Zara, and explains how the brand was able to make fashion so affordable. It also exposes several issues that have arisen out of the fashion giant's meteoric rise to prominence, including issues around copying designs and the where the law stands on copyright and intellectual property in fashion, and environmental pollution and worker safety as the company outsources jeans dyeing to countries with poor regulations.

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