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Post-Brexit (04:24)


There are 751 Members of European Parliament; 73 are from the UK. David Campbell Bannerman plans a trip to New Zealand. Martina Anderson, a member of the Sinn Fein, proposes Irish unity.

UKIP Strategy (04:30)

Hermann Kelly describes why Sinn Fein's ideas are erroneous. Henry Bolton meets with United Kingdom Independent Party Members. Gerard Batten believes a news story will embarrass political opponents. MEPs build allies and garner support. Anderson decries the Democratic Unionist Party.

Fighting for United Ireland (05:41)

Batten engages in an email argument with Charles Tannock and cc's the entire European Parliament. MEPs take a photograph to publicly denounce a border between North and South Ireland. Batten calls for Guy Verhofstadt to be removed as lead Brexit negotiator.

Receiving Special Status (02:38)

Members of Sinn Fein gather to strategize the Brexit negotiations. London lawyers release their findings on how Ireland could remain in the EU.

Trade Relations (02:58)

Bannerman creates the "Super Canada" proposal to catch the attention of David Davis. Today's committee meeting explores the EU's deal with UK.

Creating a Resolution (03:58)

Anderson returns to work after the death of her mother. Rumors circulate that the British government will offer more financial remuneration. Bannerman meets with the New Zealand ambassador.

UK Negotiation Tactics (08:24)

Theresa May flies to Brussels to negotiate citizen's rights, the divorce bill, and the Irish border. Davis calls the agreement a "statement of intent" and can be changed. Anderson writes an amendment to make the UK government accountable.

Trade Deals (05:35)

Alyn Smith debates Iain Duncan on politics. EU products contain a quality mark; Scottish whiskey, salmon, and beef are Protected Geographical Indicators. Bannerman invites Brexit supporters to hear his "Super Canada" proposal.

Leaders Ratify Final Agreement (06:23)

Smith discusses PGIs with the Brexit negotiation team and Scottish manufacturers. The people who will be hurt the most are small farmers. Bannerman returns to London to meet with Davis on his "Super Canada" proposal.

Credits: Inside the EU: Episode 3 (00:32)

Credits: Inside the EU: Episode 3

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As all 73 British MEPs deal with the possibility of redundancy, thoughts turn to life after Brexit. Tory MEP, David Campbell Bennerman drafts an international trade agreement, former IRA member Martina Anderson fights to reunite all of Ireland, and Scottish Nationalist Party MEP, Alyn Smith battles to save the protected status of iconic Scottish produce, including whisky. 

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