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Why Did You Become a Philosopher? (02:18)


Former French Minister of Education Luc Ferry became interested in philosophy through his older brothers and Kant. He was intrigued by philosophy's unique place among academic disciplines and by its ability to understand the world.

What Changed since You Started Writing? (05:32)

"Homo Aestheticus," "The Revolution of Love,” and parenting inspire Ferry. Loving families have not always existed; marriage for love is a recent idea. He believes philosophy must consider globalization and life quality, in addition to morality and politics.

What is Philosophy? (05:04)

Ferry argues that philosophy has three jobs: to understand the world in the present time; to act as a moral compass; and to determine a good life for human beings. Old philosophies and world views are still relevant.

Tragic World (11:10)

Ferry interprets Greek tragedies as conflicts where both sides are right—crucial for understanding today's world. Innovation improves lives but uses logic to destroy ancient objects, ideas, and customs. Tragedy is stronger than optimism and pessimism.

Credits: Critical Thinkers - Luc Ferry (00:40)

Credits: Critical Thinkers - Luc Ferry

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French philosopher and ex-minister, he's the author of several best-sellers, such as Learning to Live and On Love: A Philosophy of the Twenty-first Century. Between 2002 and 2004, he was Minister of Education of France, and today he is one of the main supporters of secular humanism. In his apartment in Paris, he talks about philosophy, technology and the contemporary world, the powers of innovation and destruction of capitalism and how fundamental the idea of tragedy is to understanding the contemporary world.

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