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Why Did You Choose to Study Psychoanalysis? (03:31)


Elisabeth Roudinesco discusses her mother's association with Jacques Lacan. A structuralist, she studied languages and worked as a literary critic. While at university, she joined the psychoanalytic movement and studied the history of psychoanalysis.

Psychoanalysis in France (01:16)

Psychoanalysis was once used in every aspect of cultural life. Now, psychiatrists use cognitive or biological approaches. Writers have become their own psychoanalysts.

Psychoanalysis in Brazil (00:55)

Brazilian psychoanalysts are less dogmatic; psychoanalysis is present in civil society and in universities; it does not reach people as it does in France.

Freud's Life (04:19)

Roudinesco describes a darker, more romantic Freud fascinated by the irrational. She disproves rumors about Freud and addresses his paradoxical nature in his biography.

Lacan's Importance (02:45)

Jacques Lacan analyzes the death drive after Auschwitz. Roudinesco compares him to Freud and discusses his interest in transgressions, mysticism, and philosophy. He treated psychosis and attempted to formulate a new theory of Freud's work as philosophy.

Freud and Lacan (05:57)

Roudinesco says writing Freud's biography was simpler than Lacan's; he was a traditional man while Lacan was transgressive. She compares their cultural interests and political beliefs.

Friendship with Lacan and Public Life (06:16)

Roudinesco describes Lacan as intelligent, difficult, childish, humorous, extravagant, and a bully. She admires his ability to analyze someone rapidly. Today, the psychoanalytic movement lacks institutional power.

Credits: Critical Thinkers - Elisabeth Roudinesco (00:40)

Credits: Critical Thinkers - Elisabeth Roudinesco

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Elisabeth Roudinesco is one of the leading thinkers and historians of psychoanalysis today. In this episode, shot in her apartment in Paris, she talks about her initiation in psychoanalysis and her biographical studies on Freud and Lacan, in addition to comparing the trajectories of the two great names of psychoanalysis.

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