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Art and Psychoanalysis (07:38)


While traditional art history considers lineages of conscious artistic influence, Aby Warburg also considered subconscious influences. Georges Didi-Huberman says art is not made to comfort audiences; psychoanalysis reveals that beauty can be terrible.

Seeing and Looking (03:29)

Didi-Huberman discusses the importance of psychoanalysis when absorbing works of art. Using Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" as an example, he reflects on psychic power released when the observer accepts that their look can open itself to the unconscious.

Art Yesterday and Today (03:07)

Didi-Huberman distinguishes old from obsolete ideas. He objects to philosophy or art criticism books claiming the death of ideas or art forms; memory persists and drives desires.

With Capitalism, is Art Free Nowadays? (08:37)

Didi-Huberman argues that renowned artists have become figures of freedom and authority—within capitalist operations. He laments the commercialization of culture. Pier Paolo Pasolini criticized Andy Warhol for entering "enemy" territory and ignoring the lack of freedom in wider society.

Is It a Tragic Situation for Art? (03:19)

Didi-Huberman argues that culture will survive, and compares it to tree roots he observed while visiting a park in Rio de Janeiro. He cautions against "radical" philosophy viewing the world in black in white terms.

Credits: Critical Thinkers - Georges Didi-Huberman (00:40)

Credits: Critical Thinkers - Georges Didi-Huberman

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French art historian and philosopher, Didi-Huberman is one of the main thinkers about arts and politics today. Author of more than 30 books, he is a professor and essayist. In his house in Paris, he talks about art and psychoanalysis, history of art and contemporary art, reflects on the relationship between art and capitalism and defines what is to be a radical in contemporary art.

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