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Why Did You Become a Philosopher? (01:20)


Jean-Luc Nancy references the title of a text he presented at a philosophy conference. He maintains that he has always been a philosopher.

How Does Philosophy Help Us Understand the World? (11:05)

Western culture seeks to comprehend the world through science. Scientists are realizing their limits and using interpretative models, rather than searching for the ultimate reality. Nancy believes history is no longer moving in a meaningful direction; we are approaching a "mutation" in civilization.

Is Philosophy About Learning How to Die? (01:40)

Beginning with Greek philosophers, Western culture is the only civilization that no longer accepts death.

Living in Capitalism (01:31)

Nancy sees capitalism as a means of control, rather than liberation. It recognizes the value in equivalence; human life is the only thing considered priceless.

Living in Conflict (02:31)

Despite political, economic and cultural conflicts, humanity continues to live and people form relationships and small communities.

What is Art? (03:50)

Nancy analyzes the following quote: "art is what allows us to understand that life is not art." Art presents the truth and allows us to feel what is beyond intellectual or rational understanding.

Can Art Change the World? (02:05)

Love exists as a feeling, emotion, and sentiment toward community or society. Humanism and democracy tend toward love.

A New Learning (01:09)

Nancy advises young philosophers to think outside the box. He says we are the first generation to recognize that civilizations are finite, and unpredictable.

Credits: Critical Thinkers - Jean-Luc Nancy (00:39)

Credits: Critical Thinkers - Jean-Luc Nancy

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Critical Thinkers - Jean-Luc Nancy

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One of the leading French philosophers in activity today, Jean-Luc Nancy is the author of an extensive bibliography. In this episode, shot in his home in Strasbourg, he explains how philosophy can help us understand life, art and love in the contemporary world.

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