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Labor Trafficking (05:22)


Marco Duran describes working on Trillium Farms in Marion County, Ohio in 2014. Manure falls into the eyes of the workers. The temperature increases to over 90 degrees in the coops; the trailers have no toilet, heat, or running water. (Credits)

Vulnerable Targets (03:53)

The criminal network extended from Central America to Ohio. Teenage boys earned one dollar per day tending sugar cane in Guatemala. Aroldo Castillo offered to smuggle local teenagers into the U.S. and help find them jobs; the children were forced to work off a $15,000 debt.

Traveling to America (03:14)

The teenagers refused to speak on camera because. Castillo had a network of smugglers who moved them through Mexico by bus, on foot, and on "La Bestia." Most were detained by border patrol and turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services.

DeCoster's Farm (02:43)

The farm in Ohio was owned by Jack DeCoster before Trillium purchased it. The Department of Labor fined DeCoster for violations at his facilities in Maine. Workers were treated like slaves and lived in terrible conditions.

Public Denunciation (06:14)

John Glessner sued DeCoster after the pair fell out. Workers worked as long as 16 hour days. Authorities raided one of the Iowa plants and detained approximately 90 undocumented workers.

Threatening Business Practices (02:27)

DeCoster leased the Ohio plant to Trillium Farms, which kept most of the original employees. The company issued death threats or threaten to take away the teenagers parents' land if they refused to pay. After one minor reached out to an uncle in Florida, the relative called Sheriff Marisol Schloendorn.

Ohio Facility Raid (02:47)

Local law enforcement raided the trailer park where the teenagers were living and detained approximately 45 people. At a Senate Hearing, Rob Portman testified that the HHS was culpable in the labor trafficking. Minors were placed in homes where they were subjected to human trafficking, abuse, and exploitation.

Clarion, Iowa (03:45)

Students arrived at school but could not function because they are exhausted from work. The teenagers confessed they work long hours at food processing plants. Daffodil Altan has found no one in law enforcement willing to investigate or intervene.

Trailer Park Raid Aftermath (05:10)

After pleading guilty to forced labor, a judge sentenced Castillo to 15 years in prison. Pablo Duran Sr.'s company had a multi-million-dollar contract to supply Trillium with workers. Bartolo Dominguez knew the teenagers but was unaware they were abused.

Trafficking Culpability (07:47)

After talking to Altan, Ezequiel was found dead in an apparent suicide. Pablo insisted he hired the contractors, not the employees. The government reported that Pablo spoke regularly with Castillo about smuggling minors across the border.

Business Denial (02:33)

J.T. Dean did not know anything about the labor trafficking that occurred at the Ohio facility and insists they were misled. Ezequiel worked at Haba Corporate Services and as a manager at the egg facility simultaneously. Trillium Farms did not supervise contract service providers.

Partnering with Anti-Trafficking Organization (05:10)

Trillium sent Altan a film showing what working in one of their plants was like. The deeds of the teens' families were returned by Castillo's mother after his sentencing. The minors received special deeds as victims of trafficking.

Credits: Trafficked in America (00:60)

Credits: Trafficked in America

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This documentary shines new light on a labor trafficking case in which Guatemalan teens were forced by a third-party contractor to work against their will at Trillium Farms in Ohio, a major egg producer. The investigative team exposes a criminal network that exploited undocumented minors, the companies who profited from their forced labor, and how U.S. government policies and practices helped to deliver some teens directly to their traffickers.

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