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Gerardo Monterrubio: Ceramic Artist (08:26)


Objects and narratives have a direct relationship. The immigrant experience, Mexican muralists, and Los Angeles street culture influences Monterrubio's art. He identifies as Mexican and American; he fights with his work to keep it alive.

Carlomagno Pedro Martinez: Ceramic Artist (02:22)

Skeletons and devils are part of the Zapotec culture. The potter from San Bartolo Coyotepec crafts by hand; sculptures need to have movement.

Magdalena Pedro Martinez: "Barro Negro" (04:00)

The kiln eradicates any enamel or paint; potters burnish the sculpture with quartz. Dr. Fernando Raul Santos Cruz describes learning the trade from his wife and her father. "Barro Negro" sculptures are fired in a sealed underground oven, limiting oxygen.

Museum of Popular Oaxacan Art (02:40)

The Friends of Oaxacan Folk Art Foundation develops and promotes local young artisans. Artists can meet others from around the world. Art is the most profound human expression and a universal language.

Jaime Guerrero: Glass Sculptor (11:10)

Guerrero's current project reflects on children and the refugee process. The Corning Museum of Glass runs a hot glass program where artisans can create large scale sculptures that push boundaries. Guerrero utilizes techniques from Billy Morris and Pino Signoretto; he wants to humanize the immigrant experience and address issues.

Taxco Silver (04:04)

Penny Morrill discusses the history of Taxco and William Spratling; Spratling designs jewelry and holloware; inspirations include pre-Colombian art. A. Jorge Ortiz Munoz discusses working with the jewelry designer.

Taxco: Jewelry Designers (08:25)

Munoz and his son Miguel Angel Ortiz Miranda incorporate modern designs with traditional methods. Carmen Tapia describes learning the trade from her father and collaborating Mundo. Eduardo Herrera and Christina Romo try to create an organic feel in their jewelry line.

Judy Baca: Painter and Muralist (10:38)

George Biddle convinces the Works Progress Administration to pay artists for public works. Baca describes her grandmother's influence. "The Great Wall of Los Angeles" is a narrative work about the history of California in the Tujunga Wash.

Credits: Craft in America: Neighbors (00:60)

Credits: Craft in America: Neighbors

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Neighbors explores the people, history, and traditions of crafts from the U.S. and Mexico, noting how aesthetics cross over and back again in a living and ongoing cultural exchange. Featured artists include glass artist Jaime Guerrero; Mexican ceramic artists Magdalena Pedro Martínez and Carlomagno Pedro Martínez; world-renowned painter, muralist, community arts pioneer, and scholar Judy Baca; California ceramic artist Gerardo Monterrubio; and silver designers William Spratling, Carmen Tapia, Miguel Angel Ortíz Miranda, Cristina Romo, and Eduardo Herrera.

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