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Tequila (08:09)


In Jalisco, Jimadors harvest blue agave. At Patron Hacienda, workers chop and steam the pinas for three days. A modern mill and a crushing stone creates mashes, which are fermented, distilled, blended, bottled, and packaged.

Guacamole (05:29)

In California, workers harvest avocados by hand year round. They sort the fruits by grade; those intended for appetizers are softened in a pressurized forced air ripening room. An ultra sound test ensures texture consistency before workers ready the product for shipment.

Fish Tacos: Meat (07:24)

Bobby Bognar line catches Mahi Mahi with a Hawaiian fisherman; commercial boats using ecologically unfriendly methods catch the majority of the fish. Honolulu Fish Company specializes in processing and shipping local harvests within 24 hours.

Fish Tacos: Tortillas (03:25)

At the Mission factory, machines mix corn flour and water into dough, which rollers flatten and cut into rounds. The product is quick baked, cooled, stacked, and bagged.

Molcajete (03:35)

Bognar visits Don Pedro Cocula Dias in Mexico. A craftsman mines basalt rocks by hand and carves them into mortars. He polishes the mixing bowls before sending them to market.

Refried Beans (04:54)

At B & M factory, workers boil split pintos and mix them with lard and spices, before they are ground into a liquid base. Whole legumes are soaked, boiled, and baked in a brick oven, then mixed with the split mash before they are canned and pressure cooked.

Salsa (05:09)

Bognar visits El Pinto Foods, where the Salsa Twins craft their product from fresh Anaheim chilies, jalapenos, and tomatoes. Ingredients are mixed, cooked, and poured into steam sterilized jars, which are capped and cooled, creating a vacuum seal.

Table Chocolate (05:39)

Bognar observes cacao harvest at Cacep Orchards; beans ferment in boxes for six days before they are dried and ground into a liquid paste. The puree is blended with sugar, almonds, and cinnamon, then poured into molds, where it cools and solidifies.

Credits: Mexican (00:24)

Credits: Mexican

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With Americans eating more than 85 billion tortillas a year, Mexican food is very popular. But did you know that a donkey is a key to great tequila?

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