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Part A: Introduction (00:41)


This video examines the three forms of heat transfer—conduction, convection, and radiation.

Part B: Conduction (08:36)

Conduction occurs when items of different temperatures are in contact; heat energy transfers through a substance without the substance moving. See a cooking experiment and learn about the thermal conductivity of several substances.

Part C: Convection (13:53)

Convection is the transfer of heat energy on currents of air, liquid, or gas. Learn how a central heating system functions and see demonstrations of convection currents. Warm water and air rises while cool water and air sinks.

Part D: Radiation (08:50)

The sun transfers heat energy to Earth through electromagnetic waves. Learn about the electromagnetic spectrum and the transfer of infrared light as radiant heat.

Credits: Shedding Light on Heat: Episode 5—Heat Transfer (00:20)

Credits: Shedding Light on Heat: Episode 5—Heat Transfer

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Episode 5: Heat Transfer

Part of the Series : Shedding Light on Heat
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In this program, we look at the three ways that heat energy can transfer from one thing to another: conduction; convection; and radiation. A heat source is useless if heat energy can’t transfer from the heat source to whatever you want heated. Understanding heat transfer is essential if you want to cook good food and if you want to stay warm when it’s cold and stay cool when it’s hot.

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