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Money Laundering Sting (02:58)


In 2015, New South Wales Police organized a sting operation to catch a money launder and a drug dealer. They led police to drug safe house with more than $4 million in cash inside. The money launderer was Afghani Ali Naderi, who was a major player in international money laundering.

Global Money Laundering (05:43)

Naderi was part of Pakistani criminal Altaf Khanani's worldwide money laundering operation. Khanani laundered money for Mexican drug cartels and terrorist groups from his base in the Middle East. The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission started an investigation to capture Khanani, which an American DEA team in Miami joined.

Khanani's Start (06:46)

Khanai got his start in Pakistan by operating a money exchange business, which became his front for money laundering. In 2008, a Pakistani investigation almost ended Khanani's business, but the court case failed. He moved to Dubai and grew his money laundering operations.

Khanani and Australia (04:55)

Almost all Middle Eastern organized crime profits in Australia were laundered by Khanani. His clients ranged from motorcycle gangs involved in drug trafficking to radicalized extremist groups. Secrecy was used in the network, so not everybody involved knew each other and few dealt with Khanani directly.

International Covert Operation (07:18)

The Australians convinced teams in Great Britain, Canada, and New Zealand, in addition to America, to join the search for Khanani. The plan was to create a fake international drug syndicate and have an undercover agent contact Khanani to launder money for them.

Evidence of Khanani (04:49)

Khanani's network continued to drop money for the fake drug syndicate throughout the United States. Law enforcement needed visual confirmation that they were dealing with Khanani, which they got through a recorded Skype interview.

Khanani's Capture (04:56)

Law enforcement had laundered $1 million through Khanani's network and began to plan for his arrest. The undercover convinced Khanani to come to Panama to meet with leaders of a drug cartel. He was arrested at the airport by DEA agents.

Khanani in Prison (02:38)

Khanani was flown to the DEA headquarters in Florida. He plead guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison. The Khanani network has collapsed, but others have formed in its place.

Credits: The Billion-Dollar Bust (00:24)

Credits: The Billion-Dollar Bust

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