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Hurricane Maria (05:34)


The storm devastated Puerto Rico's power grid and led to the longest black out in United States history. The federal government's lack of response caused community members to begin installing solar panels and batteries to restore power.

Tech in Puerto Rico (04:56)

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States and has been under some type of colonial rule since the 1400s. Some outsider business owners are treating the territory's devastation as a blank state for tech development. Brock Pierce, a cryptocurrency billionaire, is investing in the island to create a new Silicon Valley.

Business in Puerto Rico (04:34)

The low tax rate and proximity to the mainland United States makes the island attractive to tech companies. Pierce and many of the companies are looking to introduce Blockchain, a new type of digital bank ledger that uses Bitcoin. While it is benefiting some small business owners, most Puerto Ricans are lacking the resources to rebuild their homes.

Protests in Puerto Rico (07:35)

The federal government is making massive cuts in aid to Puerto Rico, which college students are protesting. The territory is $72 billion in debt because of decades of operating on credit, mostly from banks in the United States. Pierce hosts a meeting with locals about Blockchain; it is met with protest about it being impractical.

Community Support (02:29)

Small towns like Marianna are relaying on themselves to rebuild. They are turning a former school building into a community center, without government assistance.

Credits: Blockchain Island (00:23)

Credits: Blockchain Island

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