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Hurricanes (06:02)


The Bermuda Triangle is in hurricane alley, where storms accelerate before making landfall. The Bermuda Weather Service monitors the area for hurricanes and tropical storms. They can predict when and where a hurricane will be but not its strength.

Hurricane Research (06:18)

Scientists in Florida are working on ways to predict the intensity of hurricanes. They are using a surge structure tank to see how a hurricane grows over water.

Hurricane Preparation (02:10)

Most buildings on Bermuda are low-raise and built of stone. Most residents have generators and FM radios.

Hurricane Record (04:26)

Hurricane rainfall leaves stalagmites in caves underneath Bermuda. Researchers from the University of Durham are trying to uncover the history of hurricanes on the island from the stone formations. The number of hurricanes hitting the area has been steadily increasing.

British Colonization (02:12)

A hurricane almost stopped Sir George Summers and his fleet from reaching Bermuda to colonize it. He managed to pin his ship, the Sea Venture, between two coral reefs and get his crew to shore on transport boats.

Navigation Equipment (05:04)

Erratic compass behavior is frequently reported in the Bermuda Triangle, which causes ships and planes to get lost. Fishermen Tom Watson always has problems with his electronic compasses in autopilot. Geologists have found large amounts of magnetite under Bermuda, which could be disrupting the magnetic field used by compasses.

Shipwrecks in the Bermuda Triangle (09:24)

The waters around Bermuda are filled with submerged coral reefs, which frequently cause shipwrecks. The area gained a reputation for causing shipwrecks shortly after its discovery in 1505 and was nicknamed the Isle of Devils. Most wrecks are caused by rocky reefs just below the surface.

Puerto Rico Trench (02:00)

The underwater trench is nearly 9,000 meters deep. It is the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean and responsible for many of the ship and plane disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis (06:53)

Its reputation has created multiple theories and legends, including that the lost city of Atlantis is somewhere in the triangle. Author Charles Berlitz, who popularized the supernatural elements of the triangle, wrote books about the search for Atlantis there.

Credits: Secrets Of The Bermuda Triangle: Secrets Of The Deep (00:40)

Credits: Secrets Of The Bermuda Triangle: Secrets Of The Deep

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The final part of Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle looks at the effect of the Earth and its natural forces in the Bermuda Triangle. Ortis Deley finds out about powerful hurricanes which carve a deadly path through the triangle, and visits the only laboratory in the world capable of creating a Category 5 hurricane. He also goes in search of the lost city of Atlantis, thought to lie off the coastline of the Bahamas. Rick Edwards discovers why the Bermuda Triangle has earned a reputation for making compasses behave strangely.

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