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USS Cyclops (07:31)


More than 300 disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle with the Navy cargo ship that set out from Barbados in 1918 travelling to Baltimore. The crew recorded problems with listing and one of its engines before leaving Barbados.

Ocean Conditions (04:50)

Even with the advancements in technology, strong winds and rough seas can be deadly for large ships. The USS Cyclops could have been caught in a storm in the Bermuda Triangle. The heavy cargo could have made it difficult to control and caused it to roll.

Ship Design (05:55)

The USS Cyclops' flat-bottom ship design gave it more cargo space but made it less stable. The low stability could have been fatal if it hit a rogue wave caused by three storm systems meeting in the open ocean of the Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda Triangle's History (03:58)

Christopher Columbus reported strange occurrences in 1492. In 1950, journalist Edward Van Winkle Jones wrote a piece about disappearances between Florida and Bermuda that gained national attention. Author Charles Berlitz wrote a book about the Triangle and its possible supernatural elements in 1974, which helped it become a global phenomenon.

Yachting in the Bermuda Triangle (06:56)

Miami is a hub for yachting in the United States, despite its proximity to the Triangle. No license is required for leisure boat owners and the waters can be dangerous for inexperienced sailors. The weather is unpredictable and can change quietly.

Lost at Sea (07:18)

Sam Leroy Moss, Jr. bought a used boat in Florida and planned to sail it to his home in Nassau to start a fishing company. He got lost within the Bermuda Triangle and ran out of fuel. He spent 16 days adrift in the Atlantic Ocean before being found by a passing yacht.

Sailing Knowledge (06:39)

Proper training and an understanding of weather patterns is important for sailors in the Bermuda Triangle. Experienced sailors can tell when a storm is coming based on the clouds. Bermuda Harbor Control and the United States Coastguard monitor the ocean and rescue sailors in need.

Credits: Secrets Of The Bermuda Triangle: Lost At Sea (00:34)

Credits: Secrets Of The Bermuda Triangle: Lost At Sea

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Rick Edwards and Ortis Deley explore disappearances at sea in the Bermuda Triangle. Deley visits Miami to trace the fate of the USS Cyclops that was lost without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle in 1918 with more than 300 souls on board. He also follows the story of the Bermuda Triangle and how it became a global phenomenon after the publication of a bestselling book by author Charles Berlitz.

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