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Finding Security (06:01)


Hermit Crab's soft bodies make them vulnerable to environment and predators, requiring continual searches for new mobile homes. On a remote Caribbean Island, shells are scarce; a group lines up by size when a new one arrives onshore, exchanging until the littlest receives its upgrade.

Finding Food (04:18)

Epaulette Sharks are the smallest shark on Great Barrier Reef, preyed upon by larger relatives. They keep low profiles, hunting when tides recede; when stranded, adaptations allow survival. An individual struggling for life slows critical functions, and then uses fins as legs, walking into deeper shallows.

Small Creatures With Big Adaptations (03:49)

In Venezuela’s mountains, a tarantula preys on a pebble toad who transforms into a rigid ball, bouncing to safety. Arabian fat-tailed scorpions have ultra violet sensitive cells warning the nocturnal dweller of moon’s rising. Brazilian pygmy geckos' hydrophobic skin allows them to survive tropical rains and walk on water.

Miniature Mastermind (03:47)

Sengis stay safe on the African savannah with speed and intelligence, designing elaborate trails for hunting and escape. A monitor lizard preys on an individual, but she remembers the fastest route home and evolved to run, reaching 30 kilometers an hour, and avoiding danger.

Miniature Migrator (05:21)

Lone Rufous Hummingbirds fly from Mexico to Alaska every spring to take advantage of abundant nectar. An individual arrives before flowers have opened. She locates a red-breasted sap sucker releasing syrup from trees; waiting until he moves on, she laps up the ooze with her long tongue.

Miniature Cultivators (05:09)

Grass cutter ants harvest indigestible grass, using specialized teams to cut and transport blades back to colonies; individuals can lift 20 times their weight. They feed cuttings to special edible fungus; it produces deadly carbon dioxide, so they create ventilation units to circulate air underground.

Miniature Predator (03:17)

Tarsiers Monkeys have evolved massive eyes and ears, giving them night vision and ultra-sonic hearing; super senses allow them to feed off insects in the dark. Long legs permit jumps forty times body measurements and lengthy, slender fingers help them grab elusive prey.

Short Lived Foliage (04:19)

A resurrection plant is blown across Sahara sands into a rare puddle; its branches expand while absorbing water. When it rains, droplets push seeds from husks and onto ground; shoots emerge in hours. In weeks, they flower, and dried by desert heat; they can last centuries without moisture.

Tiny Dancers (05:38)

Foot flagging frog males wave back legs to attract mates; their calls cannot be heard over monsoon rains. An Australian peacock jumping spider treks through dangerous terrain, searching for a female; he locates one, displaying a colorful fan, and elaborate moves. She mates with, and kills him.

Ocean Miniatures (08:19)

Plain Japanese pufferfish attract mates by creating elaborate nests, digging geometric designs in the seabed with fins. Miniscule plankton are collectively important to the ocean food web and life on Earth; photosynthesizing phytoplankton produce half the world’s oxygen.

Credits: Nature's Miniature Miracles (00:28)

Credits: Nature's Miniature Miracles

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It really is a big bad world out there. So what happens if you’re the little guy? This film tells the epic survival stories of the world’s smallest animals. To make a living, these tiny heroes have evolved extraordinary skills and achieved mind-boggling feats. From the animal kingdom’s greatest artist to the tiny creatures that provide us with so much of the air we breathe, discover what it takes to be a miniature miracle.

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