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Muammar Gaddafi (04:03)


Gaddafi was one of the longest running heads of state; he ruled Libya as a strict dictatorship. His violent wars in Africa, attacks on foreign planes, and allegations of human rights abuses were often overlooked by western leaders because of Libya's oil wealth.

Trading in Terror (09:28)

In the 1980s, Gaddafi began buying poisons and explosive devices to equip his allies. He tricked and bribed American Green Berets into training his forces. His goal was to supply terrorist groups and kill political opponents.

Caesar Complex (08:48)

Gaddafi met with nuclear smugglers and rocket scientists at his palace compound. He was obsessed with getting missiles and a nuclear bomb for Libya. He wanted to liberate the world from empires, like the United States.

Brother Leader (11:56)

Many Libyans believed Gaddafi had good intentions, but he quickly banned political parties and executed perceived enemies. Gaddafi said all decisions were made by committees of Libyans. He angered most Islamic and African leaders but befriend Ugandan leader Idi Amin and terrorist leaders.

King of Africa (15:26)

Gaddafi slowly lost Libyan support and was frustrated they did not like his policies. The Arab world had shunned Gaddafi, so he began styling himself as an African king. Most African political leaders accepted his money but rejected him.

Bombing (13:37)

The United States bombed Libya in 1986 in retaliation for a bombing in Berlin that injured Americans. Libya received international sanctions after the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. Gaddafi’s behavior grew more bizarre and he began sexually abusing young Libyans.

Exposed (05:45)

Gaddafi was looking for a nuclear bomb; western intelligence began tracking scientists and buyers throughout Europe. A nuclear arms dealer from Pakistan was helping Gaddafi connect with Swiss nuclear scientists. The CIA and British intelligence discovered the plot.

The Makeover (06:29)

Western leaders wanted the United States to lift sanctions on Libya so oil trading could resume. Gaddafi said he would stop seeking a nuclear weapon and President George W. Bush lifted the sanctions in 2003, beginning Gaddafi's return to favor in global politics.

Comprise (08:57)

Gaddafi began visiting world leaders, bringing a bulletproof tent with him. Western leaders went along with his antics out of fear of violent retaliation. As the Arab Spring reached Libya, he feared for his life and attempted to flee; he was killed by his own people.

Credits: Mad Dog - Inside The Secret World of Muammar Gaddafi (00:32)

Credits: Mad Dog - Inside The Secret World of Muammar Gaddafi

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Shocking, sometimes funny and completely compelling, Mad Dog: Inside the Secret World of Muammar Gaddafi takes viewers inside a horrifying and unbelievable secret world. This is the story of raw, absolute and unrestrained power exercised by a brilliant madman who terrorized and compromised Libyans and Western countries alike: a dictator whose oil billions gave him the means to do anything a human being can possibly imagine. Recreating life inside Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi's palace, the film reveals how its courtiers and hangers-on – from nuclear smugglers to a virgin suicide squad – were often almost as weird as he was. From Brazil to Beirut, the filmmakers track down the men and women who served Gaddafi and gave shape to his dreams.

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