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Healthcare Challenges (03:40)


Longyearbyen prepares for the annual ski marathon; Doctor Martin anticipates injuries and worries bout insufficient resources. Baby Malte arrives with respiratory problems; she has bronchitis.

Arctic Safety and Science (03:35)

Professor Chris analyzes an avalanche report, discussing the possibility of unstable locations near town, and examines the site. Officials closely monitor snow conditions before the ski marathon.

Longyearbyen Pastor (04:04)

Leif discusses challenges of writing lyrics; he plans to produce an album. His group records in an old mine at the edge of town. He wants to find a wife and start a family.

Hotel Entertainment (02:17)

Mary Ann wants Bruce Springsteen to play a gig at Polarrigg. She enlists Jason to plan the concert, believing they could have up to 4,000 attendees.

Arctic Work Environment (03:51)

The road to SvalSat undergoes routine avalanche checks. Satellite Engineer Alex and a Red Cross representative conduct safety tests on the snow pack and find stable conditions.

Competitive Sport (02:40)

Chris has a foot injury, but prepares to participate in the skiing marathon. He discusses the importance of the international event to Longyearbyen's residents.

Longyearbyen Preparations (06:37)

Almost 1,000 people from around the world arrive to participate in the annual skiing marathon; Pastor Lief deejays at the event. Chris opts to ski in the half distance race. Baby Malte is transported to a mainland pediatric hospital.

Svalbard Tourism (03:31)

Wiggo studies an arctic avian book, hoping to give wildlife tours; he is not personally interested in the subject. His Northern Lights endeavor failed.

Hiring Bruce Springsteen (02:37)

Mary Ann and Jason plan to persuade Springsteen to give a concert at Polarrigg; they are confident he will agree. She attempts to reach his agents and manager, and discovers he will be touring Norway,.

Event Update (03:09)

Volunteers hand out bananas and energy drinks to ski marathon participants. Chris reaches the halfway mark. His foot hurts, but he is determined to finish.

Bird Watching (03:39)

Wiggo takes Claudia and friends for a tour test run. He describes local wildlife, improvising knowledge when necessary. He questions the viability of the business.

Arctic Naturalist (03:34)

Alex tests his kayaking equipment; he understands area dangers and plans accordingly. He discusses living in isolation, missing his family, but loving his environment.

Ski Marathon Results (03:15)

Crowds gather where half marathoners arrive; Chris finishes in better time than anticipated. Healthcare providers are relieved by the lack of broken bones. Baby Malte returns after recovering with a mainland pediatrician.

Credits: Svalbard Solutions (00:28)

Credits: Svalbard Solutions

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Doctor Martin Eckhardt has a new patient in the form of three month old baby Malte. Professor Chris heads out to check on an avalanche site ahead of Svalbard's annual ski marathon. Pastor Leif opens up about his hopes for a family ahead of recording a song with his band of vocalists. Meanwhile, hotelier Mary-Ann continues her plans to host a concert with Bruce Springsteen.

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