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Chef and Entrepreneur (04:28)


Svalbard is an arctic wilderness; supplies are imported. Ben plans to change how residents obtain food, creating an indoor permaculture system. He aspires to erect an industrial greenhouse on the tundra, and invested 100,000 pounds in the business.

Snow and Ice Professor (05:56)

Chris and his students snowmobile to Tellbreen Glacier, stopping to examine a recent avalanche site. He has been monitoring the area since 2009; temperatures have been above average.

Tour Guide and Satellite Engineer (04:32)

Alex picks up tourists for a snowmobile trip, discussing their potential cultural differences and experience with winter conditions. While traveling from Longyearbyen to Barentsburg, he describes Svalbard dangers; an accident separates him from the group.

Fur Trade and Global Warming (05:57)

Mark travels to Sassendalen, reporting on Svalbard’s trapping history celebration. Hilmar Nois’s cabin is publicly accessible; it was recently moved, in danger of collapsing into the ocean. Pastor Lief preaches about hope and discusses climate change impacts.

Food Revolutionary (04:37)

Ben collects compost wastes from Svalbard businesses. He hosts an open house, discussing permaculture ideas with residents. He shows residents his growing lab, teaching them about irrigation and lighting.

Research Setback (04:26)

Chris and his students study the effects of global warming on Tellbreen glacier; he describes the equipment and process of measuring ice gain and loss. They are missing a drill head, and unable to place new markers.

Barentsburg (03:26)

Alex and his friends arrive at a Russian mining settlement operating outside Longyearbyen; they dine at a brewery. Snowmobile tours are popular but controversial; one vehicle emits the same pollution as ten cars.

Svalbard Waste Disposal (05:54)

Lara and Ben live and work at Green Dog, where employees clean up canine waste and dispose of human leavings every day. Trash is shipped to Norway; Longyearbyen sewers flow into the sea.

Climate Change (04:10)

Chris measures four meters of glacial melt; he predicts Tellbreen's disappearance within years. He asserts that global warming effects are superlatively experienced at the arctic.

Entrepreneurial Setback (02:28)

Ben receives a call from the police; there has been a fire near his growing lab. He inspects damage, finding plants and equipment covered in toxic soot. He discusses the loss and expresses determination to start again. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Good Tracks Or Bad Tracks (00:36)

Credits: Good Tracks Or Bad Tracks

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The Arctic experienced its warmest winter ever recorded and the residents of Svalbard are witnessing the effects of this. Professor Chris takes a group of students out onto a glacier to check whether it has gained or lost mass and even they are surprised by the results. Alex takes a tour group to a Russian mining settlement while Lara up at Greendog has a day at camp - their least favourite activity involving cleaning up the dog mess of nearly 200 dogs. And that's before they have to deal with the humans...

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