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Rafts of Refugees (03:51)


The Rohingya are caught between two countries that do not want them. Ivan Watson, Clarissa Ward, and Alexandra Field speak to survivors of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. Every day, Muslims try to cross the river to safety.

Refugee Camps (02:50)

Although Border Patrol claims they only arrest militants, experts believe they target civilians. Tens of thousands of refugees arrive in Bangladesh from Myanmar daily. The Rohingya are not recognized as citizens.

Boat Building (03:21)

Carpenters build fishing boats to smuggle Rohingya out of Myanmar. Buddhists fear that Muslims will overtake their country. Calling the Rohingya "Bengali" dehumanizes them.

"No Man's Land" (04:24)

Mothers describe watching children killed and raped. Field explains that the military conducted an investigation and found itself innocent of wrongdoing. Aung San Suu Kyi has not demanded justice for oppressed people.

Aid Organizations (03:53)

People wait in lines for hours to obtain water and food. Nongovernmental organizations vaccinate children, dig toilets, and provide water. A woman describes how she was raped and stabbed.

Rape as a Weapon (04:25)

Doctors without Borders runs a program that helps victims reclaim their dignity. Watson describes how an entire community was destroyed because of its ethnicity. Correspondents need to keep telling stories of ethnic cleansing.

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They've come by the hundreds of thousands on a dangerous crossing. The Rohingya of Myanmar are a Muslim minority on the run, unwelcome at home in majority Buddhist Myanmar, and in neighboring Bangladesh, where hundreds of thousands have fled, seeking refuge. CNN correspondents Ivan Watson, Clarissa Ward, and Alexandra Field have continued to cover the tragedy firsthand, speaking to the Rohingya people, seeing what life is like in the squalor of refugee camps—a crisis the United Nations has called a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. How did we get here, and what happens next, for more than a million men, women, and children with nowhere to call home?

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