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Introduction: Wired Philly (02:25)


It is easy to misinterpret conclusions during short video clips. Four officers carry a mentally ill African American man down a hallway who was threatening a woman. The Philadelphia police department allows Lisa Ling access to their new technology. (Credits)

Philadelphia Surveillance (04:19)

Reporters announce that a citizen tried to shoot a police officer 13 times. The Real-time Crime Center streams live video. The footage is stored for 30 days and then erased unless there is a criminal case pending.

Body Camera Program (05:38)

Bias and race issues exist across America. The Philadelphia police department hopes the recordings will capture the interaction, justifying any use of force. Cameras do not stay on for the entire shift and the officer must ask if they can film in a private home.

22nd District Ride Along (03:51)

Officers Montanez and Mathis obtain body cameras before their shift. Demeanors change when citizens realize they are being recorded. Shooting and stabbings are the most common calls during the night; Ling watches police respond to a call about a man harassing a woman.

Crank Call (02:30)

A young boy claims he saw a family member brandish a gun. Officers Montanez and Mathis discuss how the public treats them.

Gun Call (04:51)

Police officers, a SWAT team, and a helicopter respond to a drug bust with a suspect escaping on foot. The RTCC watches for any sign of the fugitive. Officer Pinto has only fired his weapon once in 16 years.

Attempted Robbery (02:55)

Public trust has eroded since the onset of viral cell phone videos. Citizens want to capture the police doing something inappropriate. Officers Siska and Diaz canvas the neighborhood searching for the suspect.

Eyewitness Clears the Suspect (05:48)

Officer Siska welcomes the body camera to help modify his behavior. Corporal Hargrove attempts to find a murderer from the RTCC.

Harassment Call (05:25)

Officers Pinto and Ortiz apprehend a violent man who broke down a door and threatened a woman. In this situation, handcuffs are necessary as a safety precaution. New Orleans and Albuquerque equip all officers with technology.

Police and Community (04:08)

The Philadelphia police department holds regular meetings where citizens can ask questions or address concerns. Soon all officers will be required to wear body cameras. Surveillance technology apprehends culprits and demonstrates a level of transparency. (Credits)

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Wired Philly

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In the City of Brotherly Love, Lisa Ling embeds with the Philadelphia Police Department to explore how new technology is changing what it means to be a 21st century cop in America.

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