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Start-Up Culture and Mental Health (02:27)


Laurie Segall interviews tech entrepreneur Rand Fishkin about experiencing clinical depression while under pressure from investors. He feels his condition bears a social stigma.

Myth of Success (03:43)

Jerry Colonna suffered depression as a tech entrepreneur, and helps others struggling under investor pressure. He says start-up culture fails to acknowledge or support mental health issues. Learn about depression and bipolar disorder causes and symptoms.

Crisis Text Line (03:30)

Volunteer Libby Craig has opened an anonymous texting "hotline" in San Francisco connecting people with counselors. Entrepreneur Amado Guloy shares his struggle with depression and decision to be open about his condition; investors have been unsupportive.

Silicon Valley Suicide (04:40)

Meredith Salvatierra reflects on losing her husband Eric, who helped build eBay and was an executive at Skype and PayPal. She discusses his struggle with bipolar disorder and how companies took advantage of high productivity during manic episodes; his psychiatrist advised secrecy.

Mental Health Stigma (03:21)

Meredith Salvatierra's friend Nelly lost her husband Zarko Draganic to suicide; he suffered from bipolar disorder. Former EBay executive Meg Whitman discusses the lack of support in Silicon Valley for people struggling with mental illness.

Debunking the Myth of Success (04:13)

Conna probes Segall's reasons for investigating mental health in the tech community. Meredith Salvatierra and her daughters create Bring Change 2Mind, an advocacy organization lifting the stigma around mental illness.

Credits: Silicon Valley's Dark Secret (00:28)

Credits: Silicon Valley's Dark Secret

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Where engineers are the new heroes and startup founders are celebrities, there's a dark secret that people don't want to talk about.

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