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Disrupting Death (03:54)


After losing her best friend Roman Mazurenko, Eugenia Kuyda uses texts, Facebook, and Twitter posts to create a digital copy of him. Companies use bot technology to interact with customers online. As technology improves, his bot can form new opinions.

Death in the Digital Age (02:29)

Bots raise questions of immortality. Laurie Segall talks with London entrepreneur James Norris about DeadSocial, a startup allowing users to preprogram goodbye notes and continue "communicating" after death.

Legacy Contact (02:24)

Facebook has the potential to become the world's largest digital graveyard. Vanessa Callison-Burch uses her hospice experience to manage a feature that allows users to designate someone to care for their profiles after death.

Laurie Bot (05:36)

Kuyda compiles Segall’s digital footprint to develop a bot. Segall finds its portrayal of her personality and conversation style eerily accurate. Her boyfriend Brian is skeptical that it would be comforting, if she died. He designates her his Facebook legacy contact.

Through My Eyes (07:05)

Amy has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. A nonprofit organization helps her record videos for her daughters. Kerry Rubenstein and photographer Robert Allen find filming legacy videos fulfilling. Segall records a message for her mother. (Credits)

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Dead, IRL

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Using thousands of texts, tweets, public Facebook posts, a woman creates a digital version of her best friend -- after he died.

Length: 23 minutes

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