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European Immigration Crisis (03:08)


Millions of refugees seek shelter in Europe. Richard Quest introduces panel members Former Foreign Minister and European Commissioner Franco Frattini, Naptip General Director Julie Okah-Donli, IOM Advisor Gervais Appave, and World Childhood Foundation President Joanna Rubinstein.

Modern-Day Slavery (08:13)

Statistics show there are 40 million slaves worldwide. Nigeria is the country of origin for many migrants who seek entrance to Italy. Monsignor Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo discusses the Vatican's position on human trafficking

Nigerian Human Trafficking (06:25)

A woman undergoes a safe passage ceremony; most migrants come from Benin City. Sandra describes exploitation by her deputy pastor and his sister. A closed link between traffickers and organized crime allows human trafficking to Italy.

Rescue Operations (04:34)

See Italian Coast Guard footage of migrants at sea. Traffickers risk lives to maximize profits; human trafficking is an organized commercial industry.

Sex Trafficking (05:58)

Barbie Nadeau recalls encountering 77 Nigerian women at sea. "Becky" discusses coming to Italy and forced prostitution. Despite attempts to free enslaved women, more migrants become victims.

Black Labor Market (05:28)

The demand of a migrant workforce creates a trafficking opportunity; European governments do not enforce existing laws. Panelists argue the willingness and effectiveness of prosecuting traffickers.

Illegal Immigration (08:39)

Anti-immigration parties are increasing because national policies reveal a lack of migratory control. Full disclosure and cooperation between source countries and destination countries is vital.

Human Trafficking Prevention (06:20)

Corporations and consumers have a role in prevention. Successful prevention includes awareness, addressing root causes, country cooperation, and global commitment.

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Solutions to End Human Trafficking

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Millions of refugees have entered Europe since 2015. Thousands more have perished in their journey along the way. With a major migration crisis staring governments in the face, solutions to the problem remain elusive. What’s worse, CNN investigations also reveal refugees being abused, held for ransom, and forced into prostitution or hard labor against their will. To combat this, the CNN Freedom Project, in collaboration with Link Campus University and the Essam and Dalal Obaid Foundation, is bringing together top government and human rights experts from Europe and Africa. The aim is simple, yet significant: to discover fresh, bold ideas in identifying human trafficking survivors, while dismantling the criminal operations lurking inside this international migration crisis.

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