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Human Auctions (05:17)


See footage of a slave auction in Libya; Nima Elbagir recalls learning about the sale of migrants. Elbagir and her team secretly film a live auction in a Libyan neighborhood.

Refugees and Migrants (05:25)

Every year, tens of thousands rely on smugglers to help them reach the Mediterranean. Smugglers sell some people at auction and others are captured by officials and sent to detention centers.

Auctions and Refugees (04:16)

Protestors around the world force the Libyan government to take action. European countries implement measures to prevent migrants from leaving Libya; many migrants are repatriated.

Trafficking Network (06:11)

Edo State is a main smuggling hub in Nigeria. A broker agrees to traffic Elbagir and her team to Europe; he tells Elbagir to carry condoms. Once out of sight, the team disembarks the bus. Elbagir explains the route to Libya.

Repatriated Refugee (03:44)

Benin City is Nigeria's trafficking capital. Victory, a refugee Elbagir met in Libya, reflects on returning to Nigeria. Elbagir stresses the need to address disparity.

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People for Sale

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"You are watching the auction of human beings." With those words, CNN's award-winning investigative journalist Nima Elbagir shattered the world's hope that slavery was confined to history. Elbagir's explosive under-cover footage shows Libyan "auctioneers" selling African migrants in an open-air market for as little as $400 USD. They call the men "merchandise." CNN's investigation ignited protests around the world, prompted world leaders to issue harsh condemnation and touched off investigations in Libya, Europe and the United Nations. Now Elbagir and her team push the story forward as the CNN Freedom Project explores Libya's detention centers, documents numerous migrants' testimonies of ransom, torture and death, and examines the underlying political motivations that helped set these modern-day human rights atrocities in motion.

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