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Ivory Coast Cocoa Season (03:05)


Farmers harvest cocoa pods, using machetes to extract beans; the area grows 40% of the world's cocoa supply. The U.S. government states that up to 800,000 children work the cocoa supply chain. Jose Lopez considers the industry's response to child labor.

Child Labor (05:30)

Lopez visits a village to assess Nestlé’s prevention work; child labor is a symptom of poverty. Cocoa values have been dropping for 50 years. Some farmers turn to other crops and many young people are moving to the city.

Cocoa Sector Reformation (03:03)

Despite nearly one million cocoa farmers accounting for one fifth of Ivory Coast's economy, they are individually poor. The government makes helping farmers a priority. Nestle scientists use genetics to help farmers increase cocoa yields.

Cocoa Industry Middle Men (04:28)

Cargill purchases 20% of Ivory Coast's cocoa yield. The company focuses on increasing farmer revenue and certification; less than 20% of beans are certified. Nestle will not commit to sourcing 100% certified beans by 2020.

Family Farms (05:06)

Most cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast have never seen chocolate. First Lady Dominique Ouattara focuses on ending child labor; education is a long-term weapon. Lopez stresses the need to increase farmer capacity and prosperity.

Escalating Solutions (03:09)

Experts reflect on the decline of child labor in Ivory Coast. Lopez considers generating shareholder return while benefiting society. Consumer choices can demand sustainable cocoa.

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Cocoa-nomics: A CNN Freedom Project Documentary

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Two years after CNN exposed "Chocolate's Child Slaves," correspondent Richard Quest takes The CNN Freedom Project back to the cocoa plantations of the Ivory Coast. It is a journey that will take him in search of progress in the fight against child labor, which ultimately has its roots embedded in poverty. Following the supply chain, from bean to bar, Quest will examine the collective efforts to reform the cocoa industry—the fundamental socioeconomic solutions needed to secure a sustainable future for cocoa farming and the chocolate industry. His travels coincide with a country-visit from Nestlé's Executive Vice President, José Lopez—a key figure within the $90 billion chocolate industry. It promises to be a unique insight into the company's operations, in the country where it sources its key commodity—a chance to witness the complicated dynamic between the world's biggest food corporation and the thousands of farmers who grow its cocoa. As the global demand for chocolate rises, so does the threat to the supply of cocoa; this is a pivotal time in the development of the cocoa economy in West Africa…for the industry, the next generation of cocoa farmers and for chocolate lovers.

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