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Children for Sale: Introduction (01:29)


Human trafficking is second only to the narcotics trade in terms of lucrative crime.

Internet Crimes Against Children (05:30)

Sgt. Torrey Kennedy and his team identify suspicious ads and establish stings; a 17-year-old victim does not want help. Jada Pinkett Smith recalls learning about child sex trafficking in the U.S. Dalia Racine describes trafficking and exploiters.

Origins of Human Trafficking (07:11)

Victims want to escape some type of trauma in their home; exploiters briefly show them a "good life." Sasha Ray describes her experiences with a trafficker. Living Water for Girls is a rehabilitation facility and safe house.

Adult Entertainment Industry (05:03)

The U.S. has over 4,000 strip clubs. "4Sarah" raises awareness about sex trafficking. Rachel McCool describes her experiences with sexual abuse and trafficking.

Human Traffickers (07:42)

A woman argues with a suspected exploiter and escapes a group of men; men can claim women as property by making eye contact. "Katrina" discusses trafficking other women and an incident gone wrong; the average trafficker makes $32,000 a week.

False Love (05:53)

Sasha Ray recalls the feelings she received from her exploiter. A desire for love and fulfillment can make people with low self-esteem vulnerable to trafficking. McCool now has a healthy outlook on life. Lisa Williams recalls sending Sasha Ray a gift.

Missing Girl (07:47)

Society has a role in eliminating trafficking. 4Sarah finds a woman's 14-year-old granddaughter for sale on the internet; Sgt. Kennedy and his team eventually locate the girl. Sasha Ray is working toward a brighter future. Talk to your children about trafficking

Credits: Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking (00:21)

Credits: Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking

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Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking

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The U.S. government claims tens of thousands of people are being held in slavery conditions within its own borders. The majority of them are American children. Focusing on the city of Atlanta, CNN and host Jada Pinkett Smith embark on a journey to uncover, understand and explain the level and means at which children are being exploited. Pinkett Smith talks to prosecutors, victims, advocates and even human traffickers themselves in hopes of catalyzing a nationwide conversation about how to better protect our children from those who would seek to exploit them.

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