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Increasing Demand on Natural Resources (01:45)


Living things need food, water and energy to survive; growing human populations consume massive quantities of each. We are changing the planet to accommodate our needs.

Water, Water Everywhere... (09:14)

The Colorado River runs through the Grand Canyon. Hoover Dam creates Lake Mead west of the formations. Earth's spin has been slowed due to global damming projects.

Quenching China's Thirst (03:39)

In the North, droughts are drying out rivers; water is being diverted from the South. The steel and concrete aqueduct is currently the largest engineering project on globe; each section must be precisely fit.

Agriculture (05:51)

Food producers adapt to meet increasing demands. Southern Spain is home to the largest concentration of greenhouses in the world; plastic sheeting protects against wind and cool temperatures. Farmers use hydroponic methods, recycling water and producing consecutive harvests with high yields.

The Super-Herds of Brazil (07:35)

Meat demands are increasing; more than 40% of the Earth is used for food production. Brazil is one of the biggest exporters of beef; cattle are more numerous than people. Bovine genetics and artificial insemination create "Super Cows" producing more flesh and offspring. Watch

Digging Deeper (06:26)

Cooking food requires minerals and metals; copper is used in all electronics and plumbing. Bingham Mine is the largest open pit operation in the world, and constantly expanding. Waste rubble is trucked out constantly; three explosions a day break up the ground and rocks.

Plumbing the Depths (04:48)

Solitaire is the largest pipe laying ship in the world; the pipeline it constructs connects Asia to Europe. The vessel functions as a floating factory; precise fitting requires the dynamic positioning technique utilizing satellites. Mines leftover from the World Wars pose challenges, and must be removed prior to project initiation.

Blowing in the Wind (06:30)

The London Array is an open sea wind farm; the project includes 174 turbines. Storms make construction difficult. Discovery creates a steady base for engineers where blades are precisely fit.

Credits: Food Fire and Water (00:33)

Credits: Food Fire and Water

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In this final episode, we examine what it takes to keep seven billion humans alive with food, energy and water. Forty percent of the Earth's surface is now devoted to growing food. To appreciate how we have transformed vast swathes of land to produce food we paraglide over the south coast of Spain to see an arid landscape that is home to the world's largest greenhouse array. We also ride with the cowboys on Brazil's largest cattle ranch, to help herd over 125,000 cattle. We visit Lake Mead, the biggest man-made lake in the USA, to see how it has helped us transform harsh desert into the bright lights of Las Vegas.

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