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Methods of Assessment (06:26)


Objectives include identifying a patient's readiness to change, selecting an appropriate MI response, utilizing appropriate counseling skills for a patient's emotional state, and individualizing care. Assess a client using medical history, physical exam, labs, and interview. Watch for nonverbal communication and always ask permission before performing each step.

Addressing Patient Concerns (03:48)

Ask the patient their pressing need, repeat what they answer so they understand that you were listening, and permission to discuss items further.

The 80/20 Talking Rule (04:53)

A good nurse should always demonstrate respect, understand communication barriers, embrace differences between people, help patients see things from different angles, and remember patients have the right to say no. For individuals who speak a different language, draw out the portion sizes on a paper plate. The patient needs to speak 80% of the time.

Stages of Change (06:53)

Stages include precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. Assess a patient's readiness to change by asking on a scale of one to ten.

Behavior Change Strategies (07:30)

Set the agenda together, act as a collaborator, individualize intervention, ask permission, and help set personal and realistic goals. Empower autonomy. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.

Motivational Interviewing Techniques (11:03)

Ask open-ended questions that are patient-centered. Employ empathetic techniques to assuage fears. Patients may lack a skill that is helping keeping them from changing.

Utilize Tools to Help Assess Your Patients (10:40)

Consider employing the importance and confidence ruler on diabetic patients. Patients may be angry, afraid, bored, depressed, or embarrassed; promote positive environments.

Overview (13:52)

Individualize treatment and interventions. Employ SMART goals for maximum results. Be aware of differences between patients and generations.

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Motivational Interviewing is widely used in healthcare and it is an efficient way to get patients to increase their motivation to change. In this program, Marlisa Brown demonstrates different strategies for working with patients in a healthcare setting by reviewing her own successful techniques. She discusses methods of assessment, the role of the healthcare professional in behavior change, tools, learning styles, and psycho-social considerations.

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