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The History of Couples and Family Therapy (03:22)


Research provided by Ludwig von Bertalanffy, Gregory Bateson, Jay Haley, Salvador Minuchin, and Virginia Satir helped mold general systems theory. Alternative therapies emerged and include narrative, structural, meta, and strategic therapies.

Where Are We Now? (02:21)

A typical clinical couple is three or four deviations below the mean of the normal curve, while a research couple is half a standard deviation. The effects are very small. Psychologists need to create great relationships that are loving and life-giving.

New General Systems Therapy (02:41)

People in love should just know they are supposed to be together. Social epidemiology demonstrates that there are huge benefits of a happy, stable relationship, including longer life, greater wealth, faster recovery times, and children that perform better academically and socially. Some claim that passionate love can only exist for 18 months.

History of Gottman Research and Love Lab (10:24)

People are suffering more all over the world and experiencing additional comorbidities. The "Love Lab" employs its own validated questionnaires in a survey to over 43,000 participants; 83% of heterosexual couples experience problems with romance and passion. The Gottman Institute synchronizes video, physiology, coded emotion and perception to predict a marriage's happiness, stability, and divorce potential six years from now.

What Predicts Marriage Happiness and Success? (03:45)

Homeostasis couples experience a "5-to-1" positive to negative ratio during conflict. Negative emotions are much more powerful in predicting the outcome of a relationship. Unhappy couples cannot turn a negative interaction into something positive.

Creating the Magic (11:18)

Mechanisms include calm, trust, and commitment. When one is physiologically flooded, the individual cannot listen, hear, empathize, or problem solve; use a pulse oximeter to assess heart rates during counseling sessions. When things are going poorly in a relationship, individuals voice their complaints to others instead of confronting their partner, nurture resentment, and compare other's relationships, which lead to infidelity.

Gottmans' Couples Therapy (27:33)

Create calm physiology by building self-soothing techniques, teaching vagal tone, and incorporating Emwave technology. Do not think about the conflict while taking an effective break. The seven emotional command systems include the sentry, nest builder, explorer, jester, sensualist, commander-in-chief, and energy czar.

What We Know From This (01:12)

Only science can tell researchers what the magic of relationships is. The Gottman Institute created a general system theory using empirical methodology.

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The names John and Julie Gottman have become synonymous with scientifically sound couples practice. They have spent decades developing an evidence base for the field through their work, and have honed their techniques for stabilizing marriage through research with nearly 3,000 couples. In this program, they discuss how to better help couples develop the trust, enduring commitment, and physiological calm that are the key to yielding more robust and measurable clinical outcomes. Considering how family therapy and their own research has evolved, the Gottmans consider what predicts marriage happiness and success and discuss their therapeutic approach.

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