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Evidence From Archeology (06:43)


Sumnima Udas describes how the Vikings originated in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Marianne Vedeler researches whether they imported gold and silk from China. Scientists can now determine where a person was born and lived by their bones through strontium isotope analysis.

Viking Ships (03:34)

Modern people possess navigation systems, charts, and maps. In Roskilde, Denmark, Carsten Hvid reconstructs a prototype of a transport ship

Modern Technology (03:34)

Force technology uses wind tunnels, lasers, simulators, and models to test new prototypes for the shipping industry. Maersk collaborates with the company on an EEE vessel. Niels Bruus discusses using sensors and supercomputers to oversee fleet performance.

Amber Gemstone (07:12)

Amber is fossilized resin from trees that once existed where the Baltic Sea now resides. Frants Kristensen collects the precious commodity after a storm washes it ashore. Pia Fons Sorensen manages 20 locations of "House of Amber" jewelry store in China; Jim Lyngvild creates perfumes and colognes.

Credits: The Viking Trade: an Unlikely Relationship (00:06)

Credits: The Viking Trade: an Unlikely Relationship

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The Viking Trade: An Unlikely Relationship

Part of the Series : The Silk Road: Past, Present, Future
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"The Vikings" conjures up images of fierce warriors with horned helmets who ruled the seas and raided towns. However, unknown to many, the Vikings were the international tradesmen of their time. In Constantinople or modern day Istanbul, they traded silk and gold. Sumnima Udas visits an archeologists and a ship reconstruction expert in Roskilde, explores using innovative technology for modern shipping routes, and examines the lucrative amber trade on this episode of Silk Road: Past, Present, Future.

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