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End of the Silk Road (02:45)


Venice is known as the floating city off the coast of Italy. Alessio Trentin describes how silk, fireworks, and spaghetti were traded. Sumnima Udas visits the home of Marco Polo and the arsenal where ships were built.

Living on a Lagoon (05:37)

Canals creep into the city streets during high tides in the winter. Bathtubs and gondolas protect books at Libreria Acqua Alta. The MOSE project is a barrier being constructed to stop flooding.

Origins of Italian Silk (05:32)

Udas describes the history of Italy's silk manufacturing. Silk worm breeding is possible at Lake Como because of the climate. The city produces 70% of the silk used in Europe; Mantero weaves and designs prints that are sent around the world.

Milan (07:05)

Every five years nations hold a world's fair to share ideas and technological innovations. Udas visits the expo witnessing art installations, hypothetical supermarkets of the future, and tastes algae based panna cotta.

Credits: Italy (00:05)

Credits: Italy

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Part of the Series : The Silk Road: Past, Present, Future
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Finally, our journey must come to an end in Italy, a country once made rich from its maritime trade. Our final voyage begins in Venice, the birthplace of merchants like Marco Polo, whose exotic tales from the east strengthened trade all those centuries ago. Sumnima Udas visits the MOSE project, Libreria Acqua Alta, Mantero silk factory, and the World's Expo on this episode of Silk Road: Past, Present, Future.

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